I had the pleasure of assisting John Lane at Airpower Unlimited in Jerome, Idaho with the restoration of a WWII FG1-D Corsair. I consulted on the communications system and helped find parts and pieces for the radios. This plane had all the WWII electronics in it and wired up.

This Corsair, 92106, was built by Goodyear in 1945 in Akron, Ohio. Because it was one of the later models, it had a VHF ARC-1 and an APX-1 Transponder that the earlier models did not have. The restoration project took 13 years and more than 17,000 man hours. It was taken down to its bare spar and literally put back together using as many of the original parts as posssible. In 2003 it took WWII Warbird Grand Champion at the Oshkosh Air Show.

The first three pictures are taken in front of the Airpower Unlimited hanger in Jerome, Idaho. The fourth picture is in the hanger at Jerome. Pictures 5 and 6 are cockpit pictures with 6 showing the radio controls along the right side of the cockpit next to the pilots seat. Pictures 7, 8 and 9 are of the upper and lower radio shelves behind the pilots seat. There was a piece of armor plate between the pilots seat and the shelves, So the ground crews had to remove it before they could service or prepare radios for a mission. The top shelf had the Command Set ARC-5 Receivers and the bottom shelf held the APX-1 Transponder on the left, the ARC-1 VHF radio in the center and the Command Set ARC-5 Transmitter on the far right. The MD-7 Modulator sat behind the APX-1 on the bottom shelf. The Antenna Relay for the ARC-5 Transmitter is mounted just above the ARC-1. Pictures 10 and 11 are the back of the radio shelves, with 10 showing the back of the ARC-5 Transmitter rack and the ARC-1, and 11 showing the MD-7 Modulator behind the APX-1 Transponder.

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