WA7GSK DMR Repeater 

Lower Deer Coverage Map
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Boise, Idaho

The WA7GSK repeater is located on Lower Deer Point 15 miles North of Boise, Idaho at 6500 feet elevation. The repeater is a Motorola XPR8400 at 40 watts with a 6db antenna at 60 ft AGL.

This is an open repeater on the BrandMeister worldwide network. The repeater has both time slots linked to Brandmeister Master 3103 in San Jose, California.

The only Static Talk Group (TG) programmed is TG 3116, Idaho Statewide. This Talk Group will be routed to the repeater any time there is activity and broadcast whether anyone has requested it or not. All other Talk Groups are Dynamic.

In programming radios all Talk Groups should be sent to Time Slot (TS) 1 except TG2, Local and TG3116, Idaho Statewide should be sent to TS2. TS2 should only be used for Local and Statewide so it stays as free as possible for that traffic. The Local TG2 is designated at the Master Site to be Local only and will only bring up the Local Repeater. As a result it is not available from the Network.

You are welcome to use any of the BrandMeister Talk Groups that are programmed into the Master Site as long as you use the Time Slot information in the preceeding paragraph.


Below is basic code plug information for programming a radio for the Boise System. 


Frequency = 444.075 Mhz  +5 Mhz split               Color Code = 1

Talk Group Talk Group ID Time Slot Discription
Local 2 2 Local Repeater Only
Idaho 3116 2 Idaho Statewide
Area 7 4647 1 USA Call Area 7
USA 3100 1 USA
North America 93 1 North America
Worldwide 91 1 Worldwide
Echo Test 9990 1 Test your radio
VU Meter 9999 1 Listen to your audio live

 If you need a code plug with the basic talk groups above, plus 4 simplex channels, I can e-mail one to you if you contact me. I have code plugs for:


Motorola XPR4550 and XPR6550


Tytera MD380


Connect Systems CS700


Thanks to AJ K6LOR for helping with the code plug programming. 


BrandMeister Talk Groups
BrandMeister Talk Groups.xlsx
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